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 The Philosophy Club est. 2008

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PostSubject: The Philosophy Club est. 2008   Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:31 pm

This club was created in 2008, on the Fountain Valley High School campus, as to encourage people to open up their eyes. Not necessarily to answer the questions that even the great philosophers of the past couldn't, but to learn a bit about yourself and the world/ dream you live in.

Quote :
The club was started when I was a Sophomore, and after all the Seniors graduated, it was up to Erin and I to do whatever the hell we wanted honestly lol. I love Philosophy because you can't avoid it. Even if it's not formally called "Philosophy," it's every where in our lives. Why people choose to join PETA or go green or give to homeless people asking for cash, all of that makes up your own personal philosophy on how you wanna run your life.
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The Philosophy Club est. 2008
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